The team

Julien Pichon

European and French Patent Attorney, graduate engineer from SUPAERO ISAE. He also provides numerous trainings for engineering schools and companies. He has a pronounced taste for transmission and accompaniment. He also provides numerous missions of coaching and accompaniment for the development of IP strategies.

He started his career in aviation industry and in the numeric field, before he joined successively several large industrial property firms. In September 2017, he created his own IP firm: OAK & FOX.

At the present time, his fields of expertise cover computer systems, artificial intelligence, IOT, imaging, robotics and more generally mechanics. He developed a strong expertise particularly regarding technologies applied to the medical field, aviation, and ICTs.

Estelle Derval

Estelle Derval is a European and French patent attorney. After a master’s degree in physical chemistry at Pierre et Marie Curie University, she obtained a diploma of Advanced Study in image and signal processing applied to the medical field at University Paris XII. She is a CEIPI graduate.

During her first professional experiences, she developed technical skills in the field of electronics, medical imaging, medical devices, signal processing, optics and IOT. She worked within several organizations in order to specialize in the acquisition of patent rights, the management of foreign proceedings, the management of oppositions, the elaboration of studies of freedom to operate and of counterfeiting, and legal advice.

She then joined the OAK & FOX firm in 2021 to focus on legal support of innovative companies.

Julien Pied

Julien is a European and French patent attorney, graduated of material engineer from ENSCBP.

He developed his technical skills as an engineer in the fields of semiconductors and automobile. After three years working within intellectual property firms, he acquired strong knowledge regarding the protection for inventions, in particular in the medical devices field and in the mechanical field. Julien also provides trainings in IP Law at the Gustave Eiffel University.

He then joined the OAK & FOX firm in 2019 to focus on legal support of innovative companies.

Victor Vaudaux

Victor Vaudaux is a graduate general engineer from Centrale Lille and a CEIPI graduate.

He developed his technical skills in the mechanical and aviation fields during his first professional experiences. He enriched his knowledge with modeling and simulation before he geared towards training and law. After several experiences as a modeling engineer, an independent engineer and a patent engineer, he acquired strong knowledge regarding the protection for inventions in numerous fields, including mechanics, electronics and acoustic.

He then joined the OAK & FOX firm in 2020 to focus on legal support of innovative companies.

Audrey Bigel

Audrey Bigel is paralegal manager in the firm.

After a master’s degree in modern literature, Audrey developed her skills in the field of communication. It is in an industrial property firm that she first addressed legal issues.  At that time, she occupied several positions and developed strong legal skills as well as a good command of the quality & process. She also maintained an activity regarding internal and external communication. Finally, she took greater responsibilities at the head of the administrative department oriented toward patent filing in a large Parisian firm, in which she supervised and managed the activity of a paralegal service.

As for today, Audrey joined the OAK & FOX firm in 2020 to as close as possible to the legal activities of the innovative companies supported by the firm.

Théo Pavlin

Théo Pavlin is a graduate energy engineer from Mines ParisTech.

He acquired technical skills in thermodynamics, renewable energies, electronics, electricity, mechanics, and software. During a first professional experience of three years, Théo worked as an engineer in the field of industrial property in a large group in the railway sector. He carried out numerous missions such as prior-art search, patentability analysis and legal support for the inventors in the first steps of elaborating patent rights. 

He then joined the OAK & FOX firm in 2020 to focus on legal support of innovative companies.

Aurélie Marteau

Aurélie MARTEAU is patent administrative manager within the firm.After a university specialization in Litterature, Foreign Languages ​​and Civilizations (English), Aurélie developed skills as an executive assistant (in English language) provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris

It was initially within the Intellectual Property department of a large French industrial group that she assisted both the manager and the lawyers specialized in IP and discovered legal issues (contracts, registrations, licensing, valuation). She then joined an industrial and intellectual property firm in which she held various positions and developed legal skills, acquired expertise both in patent prosecutions and in legal support. Finally, the position of legal acts manager is entrusted to her in order to check and proofread contracts, supervise and follow up the registration procedures carried out by the firm’s paralegal team.

Aurélie has joined OAK & FOX in 2022 to be closer to the legal activity of the innovative companies that the firm supports.

Aurélie (EN)

Sophie Eveillard

Sophie Eveillard est ingénieur en Chimie. Sophie est Conseil en Propriété Industrielle Agrée près de l’Office Européen des Brevets, représentante près la JUB / European Patent Litigator.

Sophie a plus de 20 ans d’expérience en tant qu’ingénieur brevet. Ayant accompagné de nombreuses entreprises innovantes au travers de différents cabinets, elle a acquis une solide expérience pour accompagner les dirigeants d’entreprises innovantes dans la définition de stratégies d’acquisition et de défense en matière de propriété industrielle.

Elle est aguerrie aux missions régaliennes du Conseil en Propriété Industrielle, à savoir la réalisation d’études de brevetabilité, d’étude de liberté d’exploitation, de rédactions de demandes de brevet, de suivi de procédures d’examen de demandes de brevet en France, en Europe et à l’étranger en collaboration avec des mandataires locaux, en français et en anglais.

Elle accompagne également les entreprises dans les procédures d’opposition et de recours devant l’OEB, et réalise des analyses de contrefaçon et de validité.

Aujourd’hui, elle apporte au sein du cabinet OAK & FOX une forte expertise dans le domaine de la chimie pour accompagner les entreprises innovantes souhaitant protéger leurs innovations.

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