Oak & Fox are recruiting

As part of the recent establishment of the company, all opportunities for collaboration or association will be studied.
Two key values: looking for excellence & friendliness.
Over to you!

Patent Manager / Administrative Assistant

Assets candidates will need: a taste for the challenge, the desire to progress, a sense of responsibility, thoroughness. A path indicating a capacity to manage legal procedures. Good level of written English.

Junior or Experienced Patent Engineer

Assets candidates will need: the taste for the challenge, curiosity, capacity to understand technical problems, desire to progress and to take on difficult tasks. A grande école (higher education establishment), a thesis or any other path indicating a great capacity to adapt. Thoroughness in work, perfect French, fluent English.

Legal Expert, Trademark Intellectual Property Lawyer

Assets candidates will need: the taste of the challenge, the desire to progress. A legal or lawyer career. An experience in developing contracts/agreements. Thoroughness in work, perfect French, fluent English.

Nos bureaux

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