Innovative SMEs

Protecting your creations

Our expertise as regards patents is integrated into an all-round approach. We ask you to plan for medium- and long-term scenarios, in order to strengthen your position by building a portfolio of tailored rights.

From the very beginning, we work on the process, to identify your innovations, up to the development and the implementation of an IP strategy.

Our vision: to immerse ourselves in your ecosystem within your challenges, which enables us to deliver you the best recommendations.

Evaluating a legal situation, audit

Analysing your legal situation, or that of a third party enables you to save time, to stabilise an uncertain future and to identify your levers for action over the market.

The audit enables you to prepare an acquisition or to evaluate your assets to give legibility to your investors.

Our goal: to make things clearer for you and to open up new opportunities.
Does your portfolio of rights still fit your economic model? How do you redirect a strategy for accessing markets in line with your developments? How do you order your priorities as regards managing your intangible assets?

Making your teams aware and training them

Developing and distributing good practices within the company, is about preserving your assets, keeping a head start and enhancing your intangible potentials. We develop interactive and tailored awareness-creating sessions with the aim of making the IP a company culture.

Our approach is modern and opens up for you, the main challenges of understanding intellectual property, industrial property, and more broadly, intangible heritage tools.

Preparing your industrial exchanges

Anticipating a contractual situation in negotiation enables you to anticipate and optimise your chances of securing your situation in your partnerships.

We support you in preparing confidentiality contracts, collaboration, partnership or cooperation contracts, research and development contracts, or technology transfer contracts.

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