The company Oak & Fox

A 360° IP expertise

Consulting in the industrial property of tomorrow is scaled-up consulting, which understands the technology of its time and the developments of legal tools in order to recommend the best decisions.

OAK & FOX approaches IP problems by taking your challenges and the complexity of your ecosystem into account. We give importance to extracting steering signals from the market and from your technology to enable you to operate with the best legal protection.

Our aim: to let you make the best decisions.

Our expertise aims to identify what has a value for you today and in the future. We reflect on your scale and define the legal protection, i.e. the patent, that enables you to enhance what you hold the most precious as best you can.

A high-end consultancy, suited to your situation

OAK & FOX operates in a period, punctuated with technological revolutions, by offering a modern service. We enhance legal missions with high added value, such as acquiring rights, for which are included, the drafting and filing of patent applications, due diligence, auditing, implementing an IP process for detecting the strategy, analysing the IP portfolio, freedom of utilisation, support in negotiation, contractual IP, litigation.

Our method: listening, analysing, recommending.

We have learnt to consider all scenarios and to not dismiss any opportunity. We approach what we do by considering your long-term vision and each detail for implementing your solutions.

Our challenge: to anticipate the Step afterwards.

Distinguishing benefits in having a head start

Thoroughly and attentively listening to your needs and a proactive in strategic support. The positioning of the company: to be a partner and not a service provider.
Our strength: constantly reflecting, putting ourselves in your place and constantly planning.

An all-field flexibility to offer advice, endlessly renewing this advice. We develop legal agility methods around company developments to secure, protect and enhance its intangible heritage.

A great knowledge of current technologies, their development and their impact on the intangible transformation of companies’ economic models.
The company is involved with a network of actors of first-rate innovation, organised by the value of excellence around intangible subject matter. Being aware of developments and innovations within our sector allows us to deliver the best advice for our clients.

Julien Pichon

is the Director of OAK & FOX, who always has a smile and loves supporting clients. Demanding, he cultivates a legal and technical expertise to offer you the best recommendations. Authorised representative with the EPO and Industrial Property Adviser, he works in many technological fields to support you in all steps of acquiring rights. His outlook: to tell it like it is, and to support you in making the best decisions to defend your business. He is mainly developing his network in Paris, the West and South-West of France.


OAK & FOX is the desire to utilise two strengths: defining rights that can fend off any storm and organising anticipatory strategies.

Path. Different experiences, such as those in a large telecommunications group and networks have allowed him to acquire concrete skills in new technologies. Then, involved in developing several start-ups, he has the taste for entrepreneurship and for developing innovative projects. In 2006, he decided to change route to harbour his love for science with a legal expert role. He gives (or has also given) many courses in intellectual/industrial property and intangible heritage:

  • Engineering schools, business schools and the universities: SUPAERO, ESIEE, Université de Marne la Vallée, etc.
  • Institutes and universities specialising in industrial property: Paul Roubier, CAPI, Lyon III.
  • in different industrial groups, SMEs, as well as in research centres. He is also involved in INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property) programmes (IP Pass, MasterClass and Coaching).

His main asset: putting himself in your place, planning and recommending the best path for you. In doing this, legal advice is inoculated in your strategy to best enhance your assets.

Good to know. He is a fan of the History of Science, he performs plays in theatres and does not let any chance to take on a challenge on the sports field slip by.

“On a cosmic scale, liquid water is rarer than gold.”

Hubert Reeves.