Academic training

Awareness-creating in industrial property, intellectual property and intangible heritage

·       Audience: Business school, Engineering school, 1st and 2nd cycles (a ½ day-1 day, depending on application)

Synopsis: Intangible heritage, a changing company, a reorganised economy. Acquiring the basics of current challenges for the company. Industrial/intellectual property tools. Know-how and trade secrets. Managing intangible assets. A fit, somewhere between the economic model and protecting creations. Building a portfolio of industrial/intellectual property rights. Panorama of business contracts (confidentiality contract, service agreement, collaboration contract, research & development contract, technology transfer, transfer and licence agreement).

Industrial property, acquiring and defending rights

·       Audience: Master’s degree – Intangible heritage, Economics of the intangible, Industrial property rights (1 day-3 days, depending on application)

Acquiring the basics of current challenges regarding industrial/intellectual property. Know-how and trade secrets. Patent rights, trademarks and drawings and models. Procedure for acquiring different rights. Defending rights, infringement. Licence and Transferring rights. Protecting software. Clauses regarding industrial/intellectual property in business contracts (confidentiality contract, service agreement, collaboration contract, research & development contract, technology transfer, transfer and licence agreement).

Protecting software

·       Audience: IT schools, Engineering schools, 1st-2nd and 3rd cycle, Digital law

Synopsis about industrial/intellectual property tools. Know-how and trade secrets. Protecting software: protecting source codes, object codes, design files, graphic interfaces, implementing algorithms. Specific cases: apps for Smartphones, Software packages, Web design, Real time. Protecting Hardware & Software. Protecting technical data, protecting databases (architecture and content). All industrial property tools are tackled: patents, drawings and models, trademark, copyright (software, database), topography of semiconductors. Clauses regarding industrial/intellectual property in business contracts. Transfer and licence. Infringement.

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