Due diligence

Audit of the industrial property rights portfolio
Evaluating company rights and their scope is strategic to drive future steps. Are developments, products and services protected? What is the scope for the rights? Are they robust? Must they be strengthened?
Audit of the company’s contractual situation
Evaluating the company’s contractual situation is strategic for driving future steps. Do service agreements and collaboration contracts secure the ownership of current or future developments? Is know-how truly formalised and preserved in secret? Do employee contracts include all the necessary clauses concerning industrial property?
The audits proposed give you a snapshot considering the different pillars of evaluating rights and contracts/agreements and give you the main levers for action to correct or improve the situation. The audit brings together an audit report and a summary, including an IP SWOT analysis for each title and for the portfolio and of the contractual situation.

MTI audit, Evaluating the “Market-Technology-IP” alignment

Evaluating the acquisition of rights is directly linked to market opportunities and the technology used. The situation with competitors is evaluated regarding your position. The analysis is carried out from an in-depth study of the IP rights acquired in similar solutions.

The audit proposed gives you a snapshot of the situation with competitors, a snapshot of the rights acquired in equivalent solutions and highlights the organisation of acquiring rights for your technology as regards competitors’ technologies.

The audit brings together an audit report and a summary including an IP SWOT analysis.

Financial evaluation of patents

The financial evaluation of a patent or a portfolio of rights shines a light on the value of company assets; it is strategic during an acquisition, a sale or a funding of a business. The legal, economic and technological criteria considered are taken into account to define the closest estimation of the actual situation and the situation to come. Different scenarios are considered.

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